Lys & Dheer

Because the dictatorship of good taste is over. LYS & DHEER is more than a jewel, it is a cry of the heart, an affirmation, a burst of freedom.

An innovative rail mechanism, adjustable clasp and interchangeable cabochons create a jewel that can be customized as desired. Yellow gold or palladium, a variation of leathers and cubes to be assembled, it is the promise of a piece that no one else will have.

In response to desires, moods and sometimes even contradictions, wearing a Lys & Dheer jewel is declaring who you are.
Emancipated, gentle, impertinent, dreamy, brazen, bold, romantic... Or even all at once.
Each woman has her own style, each day her own mood.



LYS & DHEER created its mechanism inspired by the invisible gem-setting technique.

The rail shaped mounting welcomes precious cubes: 1 cabochon for the ONE bracelet, 3 for the bracelet, 5 for the cuff, our clever mechanism brings together technicality and aesthetics.

Each cabochon comes with a discreet retractable ball that slips into the rail with a recognizable light click, the distinct sound of the engaged mechanism.

The cabochons are interchangeable, easy to manipulate and placed according to any of your preferences.






In order to guarantee a seamless quality and finish, we work with the best French craftsmen.
As true leather artists our workshops distinguished themselves by their attention to detail and their unique know-how.


All our products are made of calf leather both inside and out.
We are deeply committed to the quality of our products hence our leathers all come from the most prestigious French tanneries.
Calfskin is the most prized leather for luxury houses, appreciated for the fineness of its grain, its shine and its rarity. Our calfskin has a smooth, semi-aniline finish which enhances colours and offers a greater resistance.


Exterior made of genuine lizard leather or water snake, lining in smooth semi-aniline calf leather.
Lizard and water snake leathers are very resistant and have a fine sophisticated texture.
The lizard leather reflect light and give a changing refined aspect to its shades.
The water snake leather offers an unique diamond-shaped pattern.


The cabochons, rail, clasp and cabochon are exclusively made for LYS & DHEER.
Each piece is hand polished for a bright mirror finish.
All our pieces are made of brass gilded with fine gold or palladium.


LYS & DHEER offers its customers the assurance of the perfection of each of its pieces.
The mechanism requires all parts to interlock and harmonize perfectly.
Our stringent manufacturing requirements ensure quality and consistency in all pieces.
Beyond the quality of each component, there is the creation of a jewel and the transformation of the drawing to its realization in the subtle respect of each detail.



All our stones are hand cut in a "square cut" model designed by LYS & DHEER. Volumes and facets have been redesigned to create our Iceberg collection.

Each gem has been carefully selected to compose the widest range of possible harmonies and enhance gold in a play of reflections.

Our gems are all of natural origin and meet the AAA classification certifying their excellence and quality in terms of colour, shine and size.

Our Gemstones
Lapis lazuli
From a nightblue dotted with veins of gold-like pyrites, the lapis lazuli is like a small portions of starry nights.
For its intense and bright purple colour we only work with the "African Amethyst". Thanks to their unique and sustained colour, African Amethysts are the most refined and the most sough-after amethysts.
White and translucent, this stone inspires purity. The moonstone subtly reveals shades of silvery blue with the reflection of light.
The "Blue London" Topaz
Its dark and intense lagoon blue shade gives to the Blue London topaz an elegant and mysterious appeal. The colour "Blue London" is the most sought-after one as well as the most difficult to find for topazes.
Black Spinel
Our spinel stones are of an intense and opaque black, which reflects grey hues in the light. Pairing a black spinel with gold colours is much appreciated. This gem can be matched easily with all colours.
The red garnet
LYS & DHEER has selected the Mozambique red garnet for its very specific ruby red colour. Gold around the stone enhances its delicate hues.
Citrine covers a whole palette of yellow and gold tones. The citrine gems that we select present magnificent intense golden yellow reflections particularly harmonious when enhanced with gold.